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A B O U T   M E :

WELCOME! I am a photographer who is fascinated by the light. I love watching the light change the world around me. I am inspired by the shadow-play on faces as well as landscapes. Therefore, I shoot a wide variety of subjects, all of which share my common vision of life through a view finder. Each time I shoot, no matter what the subject, I am in awe of the quiet beauty in everything around me. Radiant smiles, sun drenched fields, a baby's chubby hand, or the way the shadows linger in my garden in the evening.....all bring the same subtle longing to capture that moment on film. I hope that by continuing to share my photographs, I'll be better able to share my vision with those who ask me to help capture their memories and their moments.

I have been serving families in my community for nearly two decades. I came from a career in law enforcement and military service. I feel so strongly about whatever work I do, it becomes a ministry for me. Photography was an easy transition because I found a place in the wedding industry where I could bring a calm, level head to a chaotic day.

I found that the more energy I exuded, the more fun and imaginative photos we were able to create. So every shoot, every wedding, no matter how big or approach is the same...MAKE IT FUN...HAVE FUN!

What I love most about my job is getting to know the families I serve and the long term relationships I build with them. Many of my clients become life long friends and most I will see again for family photos every year.

I believe my greatest strength is my commitment to my clients. In business they call it customer service but for me and my business, I call it integrity, dedication and humble gratitude for the trust a family invests in me and my work. All these qualities are necessary requirements to serve a family in a way that is important to them and it doesn't end there for me personally. Every image is looked at, edited, retouched if needed and delivered to my clients in a timely manner and with the highest level of quality to suit their specific needs. My goal is to anticipate, then meet and exceed every need for my families.

As technology advances, I have found a lot of joy in continuing to develop my skills though workshops, teaching and product development. Continuing education is a life long journey for me and its an exciting time right now with technological leaps that make my job even more interesting and my work flow more efficient.

M Y   M I S S I O N :

Photography is my passion and I am blessed to have the opportunity to serve so many by the work that I do. I am fortunate enough to be witness to precious, intimate moments on a couple's wedding day. I am overjoyed to capture first smiles and first steps. I am proud to memorialize milestones and new beginnings. It is my mission to serve families and my community with skill, artistry and integrity.